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With the assistance of the SMSala platform and our vast network of 9000+ connections, engage the entirety of Zambia with impactful Voice or bulk sms messages.

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Trusted By 12,000+ Customers Worldwide


Providing Zambia Bulk SMS services with exclusive offers

10,000 SMS

ZMK 2,500

50,000 SMS

ZMK 10,000

1,00,000 SMS

ZMK 18,000

2,50,000 SMS

ZMK 40,000

Our Out of the Box Features

Personalized Sender ID

Personalized Sender ID is a custom name or number displayed as the sender, enhancing brand recognition and recipient trust.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Two-factor authentication adds a secondary layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of verification before access.

Notifications and Alerts

Online Web Panel

Our Easy to use Web Panel allows you to send SMS to contacts in an Excel File – in just few minutes.

Real Time Reports

Use our API to check the delivery status of SMS. Else check Analytical reports on our Web Panel.

Scheduled Campaigns

Plan with certainty. Schedule campaigns seamlessly for worry-free execution and confident, successful outcomes.

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Reach the World, One Trustworthy SMS Away!

Enhance your Outbound Network with Adaptable SMS API Solutions.

With SMSala, grow your SMS and Voice lists effortlessly. Harness our website popups, landing pages, QR codes, and more, all while ensuring complete compliance. Expand seamlessly with third-party integrations. SMSala – rapid growth, always compliant.




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SMS Boasts a Remarkable 94% Open-Rate, Ensuring Extensive Coverage.

SMS marketing shines as a highly cost-effective strategy with an exceptional 90%+ open rate. It directly reaches users on their mobiles, independent of internet, transforming every mobile device into a potential engagement point—a truly universal tool.


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I have been utilizing SMSala’s services for the past three months. Their exceptional team has consistently delivered top-notch service. I am truly grateful to SMSala for simplifying my work and making the process so seamless.
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Africala is a leading SMS service provider in Zambia that offers bulk SMS solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals to send messages to their target audiences.




You can sign up for Africala services by visiting their website, creating an account, and selecting a suitable pricing plan based on your SMS requirements.




Africala provides bulk SMS services, transactional SMS, promotional SMS, SMS gateway integration, SMS API services, and personalized sender IDs for businesses in Zambia.




Yes, Afrciala allows you to send SMS internationally to various countries using their platform, although the costs and regulations might vary based on the destination country.




SMSala utilizes robust SMS gateways and partnerships with local mobile operators in Zambia to ensure the reliable delivery of messages to recipients.

Africala usually provides APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow businesses to integrate their SMS services into their existing software or applications, making it easy to send automated messages.




Africala usually offers multiple payment options, including online payment gateways, bank transfers, and mobile money, to cater to various preferences.





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